• Hi there!

    I'm Alana and I love what I do. On this page you'll find some of the work I've had the pleasure of working on recently

    Dem skillz

    I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to video production including:

    creative direction, production, cinematography, editing and motion graphics.

    People inspire me

    One of the reasons I love working in production is the people I get to work and collaborate with. Every project I work on is born from an idea someone had and is trusting me to bring to reality. I take that challenge as an opportunity to tell their story in the best way that I can.

  • Featured Videos

    ToteSavvy Kickstarter

    Wrote, directed and shot this video for ToteSavvy's kickstarter campaign. Campaign made it's goal in less than two days.


    See more videos here.


    My role in this project: director, producer, lighting and editor.

    Bob the Beveler

    Lets start a dialogue about dying careers and the people behind them. Humans are becoming obsolete at an increasingly alarming rate. This video is hopefully the first of many I produce where we can hear these stories that connect us to a not-so-distant past.


    Read my Linked In post here.


    My role in this video: lighting, sound and director of photography.

    The Boxer

    "What if?" A paralyzing question that stops even the toughest of us. I wanted to create an ad that appealed to a broad public who understands that to get further you have to push though some things holding you back.


    My role in this project: creative director, sound recording and voice over.

    Filmkik Animation

    For the past six years I've been working with animation projects from conceptual development through to promoting the finished videos online.


    My work in these projects includes writing a script that reads well for animation, storyboarding, project management and for our simpler projects I'll do the animations myself but for more complex work, I hire and work with some of the best animators in California.



    Aerial Videography

    This videos my homeland of Puerto Rico from above. Shooting aerial footage is exciting and presents it's challenges both technically and legally.


    I built my first drone which I used to shoot this video you see here and since then I've moved onto professional DJI drones.


    My role in this video: drone operation, director of photography and editing.

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